17 Ways to Have Fun At Home Over Holiday Break around McDonough

How to Keep Boredom at Bay when Everyone is Home for the Holidays

By Jennifer Sheran, publisher Macaroni Kid McDonough, Stockbridge, Hampton, Locust Grove December 22, 2022

Let's face it. Having the kids home for the holidays can be fun and nerve racking at the same time! It helps to have a few activities planned in advance. It helps to plan activities for quality time together, as well as boredom busters to keep them busy! Here are a few ideas.

  • Make Your Own Ornament

Here is a recipe for making Salt Dough which is easy for your kids to create their own ornament for your tree!

These Santa gnome ornaments are super adorable.

  • Have an Ugly Sweater Contest

Who can design the best Ugly Holiday Sweater? Get our the crayons, colored pencils, paints and glitter. Add stickers, pom poms, string and more. Decorate our Ugly Sweater printable and make a contest for silliest, funniest, ugliest. 

  • Have a Baking Day

Baking and cooking brings a special family connection. We learn how to work together, we laugh and listen to music, we join in creating something that will bring joy to others. It is a time to slow down and be present. Enjoy making a new recipe from our holiday recipe guide with your family.

  • Hold a holiday movie marathon

Check out our list of Must-See Holiday Movies!

  • Play holiday themed games

Games can be so fun whether you are playing with a big group or just with the family at home. Here are some holiday-themed group games to play. Choose a different one every day!

  • Make a cave or a tent indoors

My kids always loved making forts. You need some extra chairs or a table, sheets, clips or clothes pins, and your imagination. Fill the tent with pillows, bring in your flash light and read a good book.

  • Get out the board games

Board games teach about working with others, taking turns, strategy, how to handle losing and winning. There are so many new ones and classics to try. 

  • Learn a new card game

From early ages card games can bring loads of entertainment. Whether its Go Fish, Match, and Old Maid, or Uno, War and Spades, playing cards with your kids is a great way to spend the afternoon.

  • Make snow slime

There is just something about making slime that kids love. This Snow slime is white and sparkly and the closest thing we will come to snow in McDonough!  

  • Connect doing community service

There are many organizations that can use your support. Here are several ways to give in Henry County this holiday season.

  • Learn a new craft

Try out these craft stick snowflakes and make it snow in McDonough! You can also use different types of pasta, random buttons, etc.

  • Time out for reading 

Visit one of our amazing local book stores to pick up some new books for some much-needed quiet time.

 Story on the Square in McDonough

Birdsong Books, in Locust Grove

Myrtle's Plot Twist in Griffin
Speakeasy Bookstore in Hampton
  • Release some energy at a trampoline park

Our local trampoline parks are a great way to release some energy during cold winter days. SkyZone McDonough offers various trampoline platforms, a climbing wall, a kids tower, dodge ball. laser tag, a game room and even massage chairs for us parents to relax. One price gets you all the fun.

Urban Air offers different levels of activity and pricing. It also has a kids climbing tower, obstacle courses, basketball, dodgeball and more.

  • Make homemade ice cream 

Your kids will surprised how easy it is to make ice cream and delighted by how good it tastes. In the spirit of the season, try this frozen hot cocoa ice cream

  • Go to Art Camp

Send the the kids to Creativity Cafe' Holiday Break Art Camp The studio will be open for walk-in guests from 1pm - 7pm Camp is a drop-off activity.

  • Have an indoor snowball fight

If there's snow on the ground, bundle up and head outside. But even if there's not enough of the white stuff outside? Catapult your way to an indoor 'snowball' fight with this fun STEM craft!

  • Watch the Geranium Drop in downtown McDonough on New Year's Eve

Go to the square in McDonough out for a night of fun entertainment, late night shopping, dinner and drinks with the McDonough Take Me Along cups! Gather on the Square as we countdown at midnight and watch the 10th annual Geranium Drop.