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By Jennifer Sheran, publisher Macaroni Kid McDonough, Stockbridge, Hampton, Locust Grove February 24, 2022

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Ice Cream Coloring Page: Download and print this Ice Cream coloring page.

Macaroni Day Downloads: Macaroni is a great medium for art projects of all kinds. Its texture, shape, and sound are excellent for sensory stimulation. Enjoy these two macaroni-themed printables for coloring and matching fun.

Macaroni KID McDonough was lucky enough to snag an interview with the elusive Tooth Fairy herself when she was in McDonough on a recent night to collect specimens! This was our chance to get all of our questions about the Tooth Fairy answered. Check out our exclusive interview with the tooth fairy and read it with your child.

You can recognize that special rite of passage with a letter from the tooth fairy herself! You can download your free letter from the tooth fairy here.

Make your weekly chores more manageable with this handy five minute daily declutter chart.

Wonder if your child can handle more responsibility? Here is a guide for what chores may be appropriate by age. Keep in mind, every child is different. 

Use this Babysitter Notes form to ensure a smooth night out so your baby sitter has all the information she needs to care for  your child,