Wilderness Adventure Overnight Camp at Eagle Landing

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Nestled amidst the scenic Appalachian Mountains, Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing offers a unique opportunity for young adventurers to venture on an extraordinary summer camp journey of personal growth and team building. The Summer Camp program is thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse range of campers' interests, with a prime focus on outdoor exploration and skill-building.

With the guidance of expert camp counselors, participants are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and discover new strengths and capabilities. The camp's serene and awe-inspiring natural setting serves as an ideal backdrop for these adventures, allowing campers to develop a deep connection with nature.

The program offers a one and two-week classic summer camp with a perfect mixture of outdoor activities. These activities include rock climbing, canoeing, caving, high and low ropes courses, shelter building, kayaking, outdoor education, and more. In addition, various specialized camps are offered to cater to campers' unique interests:

Mountain Biking Camp

The Mountain Biking camp offers biking enthusiasts an exhilarating experience, ranging from basic biking techniques to tackling challenging trails. The advanced Mountain Biking 201 program provides an immersive two-week experience with trail centers, skills parks, and water activities.

Rock Climbing Camp

Rock climbing enthusiasts can join the Rock Climbing camp, where they can scale vertical rock faces and master the intricacies of belay certification. The thrill of conquering new heights is complemented by lessons in outdoor living skills, ensuring a holistic and empowering experience.

Go With The Flow Camp

Water lovers can join the Go With The Flow camp to learn essential paddling and river-reading skills while navigating Class I, II, and III rapids. The journey extends beyond the water, with rock climbing at Bozoo, kayaking the Upper New River Gorge and rafting Class IV and V rapids on the Lower New River Gorge.

Over & Under Camp

The Over & Under camp is perfect for those captivated by climbing and caving. Campers can explore vertical rock faces and navigate tight underground spaces, delving into the diverse realms of climbing and caving.

Wilderness Leadership Course

For experienced adventurers seeking a comprehensive experience, the Wilderness Leadership Course (WLC) unfolds over three weeks. The course encompasses classic Blue Ridge hiking, canoeing, caving, and rock climbing and culminates in the challenging terrain of the New River Gorge. Participants can learn about group dynamics, leadership styles, and backcountry skills.

Northern Lakes Expedition

Adding an element of adventure and service, the Northern Lakes Expedition takes campers to the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area and the shores of Lake Superior in Minnesota. Participants can engage in a service project, portage canoes, and navigate waterways while developing outdoor living skills and leadership capabilities in a unique setting.

Wilderness Adventure's Summer Camp is an enriching experience where participants discover their passions and build resilience, leadership skills, and lifelong friendships. Whether navigating rapids, scaling rock faces, or embarking on a leadership odyssey, each camper's journey celebrates individual growth amidst the stunning Appalachian landscape. This summer promises outdoor adventure, a profound connection with nature, and a lasting legacy of skills and memories.

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