Six Tips from The Dentist to Keep Your Child Smiling Bright

February is National Children's Dentistry Month - Schedule Your Dental Visit

By Heather Gunnyon, RDH JSA Dental January 30, 2023

One of the best things in life is to see the smile of a child. When you see that cute little grin, maybe even with teeth missing, you can’t help but smile yourself!  As we celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month, we wanted to share why it’s important to keep your child’s teeth healthy with tips on how to make it as easy and fun as possible.

Start Visiting the Dentist Early

Children and parents, together with a dental professional, can all work towards the goal of keeping your child’s mouth healthy.  The American Dental Association ( recommends that by your child’s first birthday, they should visit the dentist. Establishing this relationship early can prevent dental fear and be your go to in case of a dental emergency. 

Brush Away bacteria

Everyday we get bacteria, or tiny little bugs on our teeth. If we don’t brush them away every morning and night, and floss them from between our teeth, they can make cavities on our teeth. The bad bacteria causing these cavities doesn’t just stay in our mouth, but can travel all around our body causing harm. So, to kick those bad bugs to the curb, we need to act now!

How can we do that, you may ask? By brushing for two minutes each morning and night and flossing every night. Children younger than 8 years old might need help from an adult. There are fun apps to download that track brushing habits to make sure you are brushing long enough and getting to all of those hard to reach areas.  

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Be sure to visit your dental hygienist and dentist every 6 months for a check-up and cleaning.  Dental sealants can be applied to help protect the chewing surfaces of permanent teeth. 

Watch Your Sugar Intake

Eat healthy foods that are low in sugar. Try healthy snacks like popcorn, cheese, and berries (which have a low-sugar content). Instead of using candy as a reward, what about keeping a stash of prizes from the dollar section of your favorite store to give?

Check for Breathing Disorders

Parents, have you ever walked by your child’s room and heard them snoring, or noticed them breathing with their mouth open? You may want to talk to a dental professional and have them evaluated for sleep apnea or breathing disorders. When a child does not get adequate sleep, this can effect how they behave and learn because their minds don’t get the overnight repair that 8-10 hours of good, quality sleep provides. Signs of this are an unusual sleep position, bed-wetting, waking up frequently, daytime drowsiness, trouble concentrating, fidgeting, and hyperactivity.

Take Extra Care When Wearing Orthodontics

Wearing braces is hard plain and simple, but if you don’t take care of your teeth while wearing them, you could scar your teeth permanently.  A waterpik and an electric toothbrush are great for cleaning around wires and brackets. Flossing is especially hard, but Platypus Orthodontic Flossers, and Gum Chucks (for those Karate loving kids) are a few products that make flossing fun and easy. Getting three dental cleanings while in braces is highly recommended.

By developing good oral habits, your child can not only benefit from a healthy mouth, but keep showing off that big beautiful SMILE!