7 Silly April Fools' Day Pranks To Play On Your Kids

These harmless pranks will get them giggling on April 1

By By Jennifer Hill, publisher of Macaroni KID Fremont, Calif. March 28, 2023

Our kids love to joke around and have fun planning a few pranks for April Fools' Day each year. Hubby and I enjoy some scheming ourselves! Need some inspiration? Here are seven ideas for fun (and harmless!) April Fools' Day pranks to play on your kids this year:

1. Swap sleepers

Our kids are pretty heavy sleepers, which has made it easy to move each of them, once they are sound asleep, to their sibling's bed. They find it hilarious to wake up in the wrong bed. 

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2. 'Bake' Some Brown-E's

Use brown construction paper to cut out some brown "E's" (brown letter E's). Put in a dish, cover, and label "Enjoy a brownie!"

Now that we've used that prank on our kids, they like to take brown E's to school and ask their teacher if they can hand them out to their classmates at lunchtime or after school. It's a super fun prank that all of the kids enjoy.

Jennifer Hill

3. Trick breakfast

Fix the kids "an egg with home fries and toast," which is really vanilla yogurt, canned apricot or peach half, pound cake, and apples with cinnamon. Check out how to do it here.

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4. Frozen breakfast

The night before April Fools' Day, pour your kid's favorite cereal and milk in a bowl, add a spoon ... and then stick it in the freezer overnight! The fun will come when you serve them breakfast in the morning ... only to find a frozen surprise. 

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5. Gelatin juice

Make some orange juice-colored gelatin, pour into small cups, and add a straw. Refrigerate until morning. Serve with breakfast for some great giggles.

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6. Dinner cupcakes

Surprise the kids with "cupcakes" for dinner! Bake mini meatloaves in your muffin tin and then use mashed potatoes as frosting.

Have fun pranking the family this April Fool's Day! 

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7. Add googly eyes to all their favorite breakfast foods

From bananas to the carton of milk, add googly eyes to all their favorite breakfast foods. They'll be surprised to find the yogurt container staring back at them when they open the fridge!

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Happy Foolin'!

Jennifer Hill is the publisher of Macaroni KID Fremont, Calif.