Meet a local Business Owner: Shanna Hill-Amoah, Party-By-Design

Party-By-Design in Stockbridge Offers Fun Paint Parties for All Ages

By Jennifer Sheran, publisher Macaroni Kid McDonough, Stockbridge, Hampton, Locust Grove February 16, 2022

On March 10, 2020, Shanna Amoah excitedly stood next to members of the Henry County Chamber of Commerce for the ribbon cutting of her new business. Party-By-Design is a paint and party studio in Stockbridge, Ga. Shanna spent months creating her art studio and planning her business. She couldn't wait to create fun painting experiences for her customers. Four days later, the world shut down as the global COVID pandemic had hit America. With case numbers in Georgia rising, the doors of the fledgling business were closed and the future of Party-By-Design was uncertain.

At first, Shanna prepared for a two week lock down as recommended by officials, but by the end of April, Shanna knew she had to do something or she would lose her business before it started. With no customers coming in, Shanna still had to pay rent and utilities. Shanna got creative and began putting together paint kits for customers to pick up from her shop. Moms were looking for ways to keep kids busy during lockdown and everyone was picking up new hobbies. With this renewed interest in things to do at home and off-screens, business picked up. Plus Easter and Mother's Day offered more opportunities to sell paint kits as gifts. 

Then came a mid-summer 2020 slump. People were going outside again, but they still were practicing social distancing and avoiding indoor activities. Also, the initial attraction of taking on new hobbies dimmed. Shanna dug into savings to pay overhead expenses and staff. Since Party-By-Design was a new business, it did not qualify for the government assistance programs in place to help businesses during the pandemic. But Shanna and her team were resilient and kept going. With take home paint kits, re-opening with social distance protocols, and a summer 2021 camp program, business began to rebound. 

Today, Party-By-Design hosts themed birthday parties for kids and adults, bridal and baby showers, school break and summer camps, open paint time, and even mobile parties. Shanna also partners with home school groups, nonprofits, and other groups to provide painting activities. On most Friday evenings, Party-By-Design holds a Girls Night Out (BYOB).

"The first thing people say is 'This is really relaxing, this is my therapy,'" says Shanna.

Party-By-Design offers a large selection of canvas art designs from seasonal themes to still life to nature. Guests can bring in their own drinks and snacks (must be over 21 to BYOB). Customers can choose from a wide variety of themes for their parties. The tables, decorates, and art options match the chosen theme. Shanna and her team think of everything so her customers can have a fun and enjoyable time.

Shanna is a mother of two and when she is not running her business, she enjoys hanging with her husband and children at home and watching a good movie. Shanna is an active member of the Henry County Chamber of Commerce and Southern Crescent Women in Business. I asked Shanna to share a tip for being a mom and entrepreneur. She shared, "Equal time shared amongst both your family and business is a must! Not being present at one, effects the other. You have to make time for both and be involved in both." 

Party-By-Design will be open for Henry County's Winter Break, February 21-25 from 11-3 pm. The cost is $35 for the day and drop-ins are welcome.

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