How Remind Online Tutoring Helped My Kids Brush Up on Math

Get personalized online math tutoring with Remind. First session is free.

By Jennifer Sheran, publisher Macaroni Kid McDonough, Stockbridge, Hampton, Locust Grove November 2, 2021

Like many students in America, my children didn’t see a classroom from March 2020 until April 2021. With all this time in online learning, we weren’t confident they had a solid understanding of the grade-level math concepts. My middle schooler needed to gain her confidence back and my youngest needed extra practice to catch up on areas of delay. 

That is where Remind online tutoring came in. Remind offers personalized 1-1 tutoring sessions with certified math teachers. Signing up, I felt confident that our tutor could help both of my children because Remind makes sure all coaches have real classroom experience and are screened during the interview process using subject assessments. 

The online video-based sessions include interactive white boards so the coach and student can work on problems together. I also received reminder emails in advance with tips for how to make the most out of the sessions.


My son, who is in fifth grade and has Down syndrome, was first to have a Remind online tutoring session. Our coach was upbeat and very patient. She asked questions to make sure Joey understood the task and presented the material on the white board using visual models as tools to help him understand. 

Joey was actively engaged the entire session and I was delighted to hear how proud he was when he completed each problem. “I did it mom!” he said. “I’ve got this.”

I worry about his delays in math and am constantly looking for ways to get him more practice. For individuals with Down syndrome, repetition is key to learning. These Remind tutoring sessions complement what he is learning at school, and he pays more attention to his coach than he would to mom.

The next day, my eighth-grader, Carlie, had her session. She was concerned about the new unit her math class was beginning and wanted to review it with her coach. Coach Kassandra explained the math concepts around rotation and reflections on the coordinate grid, gave examples, broke the problems down, and helped talk Carlie through with encouragement. Carlie was able to save the examples they had done together on the white board so she could reference them in class.

Afterwards, Carlie said, “I feel better about reflection coordinates; I was making it harder than it is. My coach really helped me understand.”

We were able to reserve a weekly session with the same tutor for each of the kids and so far each of the kids have done three sessions. I can really tell that they are gaining confidence. After each session I got summary emails about their progress. 

It is easy to reschedule or cancel or even add on more sessions as needed. The fee is $40 per 40-minute session, which is very affordable for 1-1 tutoring.

I like that each session is customized, and they take place online. With our schedules, driving through town to get them to a tutor would be disruptive to our weekly routine. Now I can make dinner and keep an eye on the tutoring, while they work in my office.

If your child is struggling in math, a few sessions with Remind tutoring may help them get unstuck. It is easy to sign up and your first session is free.

I was compensated and received free tutoring sessions for the purpose of this article. All opinions expressed are my own.