Travel Safety Tips for Families with Children

By The Millar Law Firm April 11, 2019

As the summer approaches, families everywhere are planning long weekend get-aways and full-fledged vacations with their children. It’s important that as you plan you keep in mind a few safety tips so that your recreational outings are accident-free.

Whether you’re going across town or across the country, road trips can be dangerous. Most personal injury accidents – including 40 percent of fatal ones – take place between June and September. And you don’t have to go far. Accidents most often happen within 25 miles from home. Mitigate the likelihood of an accident by taking a few steps to ensure your family’s safety beforehand.

On the Road Again

  • Put your car in tip-top shape: Avoid overheating and breakdowns by having your “family truckster” checked out by a mechanic this spring. Have him fill all fluids and be sure your engine hoses and air conditioning system is in good shape. (Slow traffic and a hot car filled with cranky kids does not a delightful vacation make.)  Check the battery and brakes. Also, have your tires checked for tread and for air pressure – a blow-out at highway speeds can end your spring break in the worst possible way. Finally, be sure that your onboard emergency kit contains flares, first-aid materials.
  • Double check to see that your most recent proof of insurance documents are in the car before you leave home.
  • Be certain that your children’s safety seats are age-appropriate and properly installed
  • Always remember that seat belts only work if you actually use them. Keep an eagle-eye out to be sure safety gear is in use at all times.
  • Keep a handy stash of healthy snacks and water within reach in the front seat. Add books, entertaining games, and movies to keep the children from becoming distractions.

At Your Destination

Whether you are day-tripping to a park across town or bound for a rustic cabin in the mountains, be sure that everybody is outfitted with the appropriate gear for the activities you plan.

  • Sun safety gear includes broad-brimmed hats to protect adventurers from the harmful rays of Old Sol. Sunglasses and sunscreen are also ‘must pack’ items.
  • Helmets – whether your plan involves in-line skates or bicycles, protecting little heads from unexpected impacts is critically important. Head injuries can be catastrophic and are so easily avoided.
  • Bring along bug repellant spray
  • If rivers or lakes have a place in your plans, make sure to pack floatation devices for everybody. And…it goes without saying… even if there is a lifeguard present,  never leave children unsupervised near a body of water.
  • Never leave children or pets alone in the car for even a few minutes. Don’t become a tragic news report.
  • Warn the little ones – and the big ones, if necessary – of the dangers of feeding or attempting to touch wildlife. Look but don’t try to touch.

With just a little careful planning, your summertime breaks can be hassle-free. That same planning can help you make the most of your quality time by making happy memories. Be careful out there.

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