Home Chef Makes Dinner Simple With Home Delivery Meal Kits

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By Amanda Hollifield, Publisher Mom, March 19, 2018

It's 5:00 pm. I walk in the front door of my home to a hungry husband and two "starving" kiddos and we all know the phrase that comes next, "What's for dinner?" Now, 90 percent of the time I have nothing thawed, nothing in the slow cooker, and everything frozen will take 45 minutes or longer to cook.  What do I do?

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My subscribers know from my newsletters that I am a working mom who preaches to find the time to bring your family around the table for a home-cooked meal at least three times per week.  But, we all know that is usually easier said than done. I have shared Pinterest recipes, meal prep ideas and hacks, Crocktober recipes that focus on using our slow cookers, and more. All of these take time to research, plan, grocery shop, measure, dice, storage bags, and on and on.  Don't get me wrong, I am still going to encourage you to meal plan and will continue to share some of my favorite recipes.

I want to encourage each of you to consider fitting Home Chef meal delivery kits into your weekly meal planning.  I have always wanted to try a meal delivery program, but like many things in my "active" life I make excuses not try it or do it.  So, I was thrilled when Macaroni Kid National partnered with Home Chef to let select publishers try out their meal delivery program.

So, before I get ahead of myself and tell you how amazing our finished meals were, let me rewind to tell you a little about Home Chef. I love Pat Vihtelic's, creator and CEO of Home Chef, story.  It's one of those inspirations, make your dreams work, don't let your age be an obstacle story.  Vihtelic was a successful investment banker who helped others pursue their dreams and wanted to pursue his own so he quit his job, built a website, and today we have now the largest private meal kit company in the United States (so they must be doing something right, right!) Okay, so let's get to the good stuff....Home Chef's food!


Everything about Home Chef speaks SIMPLE and let's face it, parents NEED, WANT and STRIVE for simple in our lives.  Home Chef delivers simple from start to finish. It all begins with joining their amazing website and community by setting up your account with a personal username and password.  With a few simple questions, Home Chef can create a taste profile to help choose a meal that's best for you and your family.


My entire family got in on selecting our two meals, With 14, (yes, 14!) weekly menu options AND amazing add-ons, Home Chef gives you a smorgasbord of dinner options for your perfect round-the-table dinner.  I personally appreciated the meals labeled "Customer Favorite" and "Staff Favorite." We decided on the Tex-Mex Steak sandwich, a customer favorite, as our first meal option. When my son Jackson saw steak as an option on the laptop screen he immediately shouted, "Mom, we got to try the steak!" 


The day our Home Chef "gift" arrived it was like Christmas Day for my kids (and me)! There is just something special about getting a box on your doorstep filled with fresh food.  For me, one of the best advantages to Home Chef is skipping the grocery store and not having to buy full-size spices and ingredients that more than likely will have to be thrown out in a couple of months. Home Chef sends you pre-portioned ingredients for each meal to eliminate food waste!  Convenience!

Sometimes in life, it's the small things.  One feature I appreciated the most was Home Chef's binder and recipe cards (already 3-hole punched). They were large, beautiful and colorful and had dietary information, cooking time, nutrition values and easy to see pictures along with the detailed cooking directions. 

Did I mention Home Chef's mindfulness to be eco-friendly from their box, insulated container, ice packs, to the packaging used for their ingredients?  

At only $9.95 per serving, you have no excuse not to try Home Chef TODAY to bring your family around the dinner table. Need a better reason?  Home Chef is giving Macaroni Kid subscribers a special code MACKID30 to receive $30 off your first Home Chef meal kit order. We have made it simple to do that today by clicking HERE!


The ingredients were so fresh, the vegetables looked and smelled like they were picked from a garden.  I will admit; I have never made homemade french fries until our Home Chef kit. They were so good and my kids loved them. 

Do any of you find yourselves trying to find ways to be creative with the constant rotation of hamburger, chicken, and the occasional pork in your home meals?  I am so guilty of this! How many ways can you cook a chicken and make a dish with ground hamburger?  I wanted to try Home Chef's Chicken with Beurre Blanc for a different twist.  Not only did I have to Google "beurre blanc" (which means white butter), but I have never cooked with parsnip or shallots.  Our family loves roasted vegetables and I have found a new vegetable to add to our cart...parsnip.  The beurre blanc sauce was simple, yet so tasty.

Now it's your turn to let Home Chef bring simplicity to your meal planning and your dinner table!

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Thank you again to Home Chef for partnering with Macaroni Kid and letting us showcase your fabulously, delicious meal kits with our Macaroni Families. #sponsored #ad

Product was provided to me for review, however opinions are strictly my own.